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An Erotica Writer's Confessions - Part One: The Visit by Daniella Donati

The first part in the erotic short-story series An Erotica Writer's Confessions about adult taboo desires and sexual exploration.

All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, or to other works of fiction, is purely coincidental. All sexual acts depicted are between consenting adults aged eighteen and over.

The author specifically disclaims any responsibility for any liability, loss or risk, which is incurred as a consequence, directly or indirectly, of the use and application of any of the contents of this book. The author promotes sexual fantasy and self-pleasure as a healthy, harmless pursuit and does not condone or encourage promiscuity or debauchery in any form.

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An Erotica Writer's Confessions - Part One: The Visit

It was the visit I'd been waiting for a long time. My heroine, the erotic actress Magdalene St. Matthews, had become an online friend, and turned out to be as nice a person as she appeared to be, by nature warm and open, as well as scintillatingly sensual in everything she did. I'd been captivated by her years ago, when I first saw her perform with other women. I was taken not only by her looks, but the passion and deeply hot sexuality she seemed to exude. As a repressed (at the time) English bisexual woman, I admired how emancipated she was sexually, so at ease with that side of herself. She seemed fearless in confronting sexual taboos, much like Kay Taylor Parker had done in the 1980's, as I learnt later. You could say Magdalene was my sexual awakening...

My obsession with her grew gradually over time, and as I saw more and more of her work, she began to seep into my fantasies and influence them by the roles she played. I'd been so sexually conservative while I was married, but now divorced, I found I was able to explore my sexuality at long last. After a while, I felt the need to express my now very active fantasy life, and found myself starting to write erotic stories, with no other intention than to write down my increasingly wild sexual imaginings. Eventually, I had the nerve to show some friends and they told me I had a talent for erotic writing. Magdalene's sexual confidence gave me the courage to start publishing my own stories. It was a side to myself that I had to keep secret, as when I started publishing my erotica online, I never thought that my son, Marc, who was eighteen at the time, would ever have to know about it. It was an awkward conversation waiting to happen that I could live without...

As my stories started to get a strong response from readers, I began writing more and more, exploring my favourite fantasies without holding back, loving the freedom of expression that writing gave me. When my stories caught the eye of Jen Doe, Magdalene's No.1 fan, I could never have predicted what ensued in the following months. As I learnt how Jen had written and even performed in her own film written for Magdalene, I wondered what it would be like to have a story of mine made into a film. As I got to know Magdalene more over the net, I got to learn her real life turn ons and we found we had very similar sexual tastes, though she of course had played out most of her sexual fantasies on camera.

My jaw dropped one night when she suggested to me online that if I was to write a story about her, she should visit me so I could write from experience instead of just my imagination! It was almost too much to take in at first, but I knew she was serious, and Jen confided to me that Magdalene was by far the best lover she had ever known. The thought of her coming to stay for a week was too exciting to contemplate, but the only real obstacle I could see was what I would tell my son, after all I couldn't just throw him out of the house. It crossed my mind that maybe he was a Magdalene fan himself, as I knew young men like him were prone to surfing the net for adult content, from time to time! It was a risk I was going to have to take, as there was no way I could pass up an offer like this.

I decided to tell him that Magdalene was a friend I'd made online on a site for divorced women, and that we'd hit it off so well that I'd invited her to stay. He had no idea I was actively bisexual and I had no intention of telling him, even though he was old enough to know. I just wasn't ready for him to learn about that side of me yet. I told Magdalene that she could come over for as long as she wanted, but that my son would be around. She was fine with that and even ok with keeping up a false pretence about her true identity. She said it would be fun and would make it even more exciting to be enjoying his mother behind closed doors...

My heart skipped a beat the night Magdalene told me she'd booked a ticket for a flight to England only a week away. I spent the week fantasizing, watching my favourite Magdalene scenes and hoping I wouldn't disappoint her sexually. Whilst I'd been with numerous women since my divorce, my experience was nothing to hers and I felt a little anxious. But I decided that she would be happy taking the more dominant role, and besides, I had a feeling I would be too turned on to care by the time it happened.

When Jen found out Magdalene was visiting, she wanted in on the action too, as she said I'd become her favourite erotica author and more importantly, there was mutual physical attraction between us. The date of Magdalene's flight clashed a little with her schedule, but she simply booked one a few days later, which suited me, as meeting both of them at once would have felt a little overwhelming.

The day came to pick Magdalene up from Manchester airport, and the butterflies were fluttering in my stomach from the moment I woke up. I got a text from her to say she was taking off in the afternoon, and so I set off, wondering how all this was going to go. I calmed myself by thinking of Jen's anecdotes about her time with Magdalene, how easy she said it had all been from the start. I could only hope for a similar experience, and two hours later I was stood nervously at an airport terminal, my mouth dry and my palms sweaty, looking expectantly for Magdalene to emerge through the doors.

She finally emerged carrying hand luggage and she smiled broadly as she recognised me waving to her in the crowd. She looked fantastic, smartly dressed in a black trouser suit, her skin looking healthy from Californian sunshine. After a quick hug and a peck on the cheek, we picked up her suitcases off the conveyor belt and we chatted about her flight as we made our way back to my car. She was warm and open, and I soon felt relaxed in her company, as I'd hoped. "The food wasn't so great, but there were a couple of very cute hostesses..." she told me as I began driving home. I laughed and replied "I always fly with British Airways, they have the hottest hostesses!".

This broke the ice beautifully, and we were soon chatting away like old friends, made easier by both being mature bisexual English women. I found myself telling her my life story, how I'd really only explored the sexual side of myself after my divorce and how her films had been such a big influence on me. She explained about her earlier life as a classically trained actress and how she'd let go of so many of her hang ups as she'd gotten older. "I totally agree with the idea that a woman is at her sexual peak in her forties and fifties..." I said. "I'm the living proof of that!" she countered and I could feel the sexual tension between us mounting in the close confines of my car.

It was thrilling to realize that our personal chemistry was as intense as our physical chemistry, which I'd sensed from the moment we met, having been hugely attracted to her for years, of course. Suddenly, she threw me by saying "So what are we doing tonight? I'm not tired at all...".I felt a bit flustered and replied "Well, would you like to eat out tonight?". Without missing a beat she said "Well that goes without saying...".We both laughed again, and I suggested we try a new Thai restaurant in my town that my friends had recommended, hoping I wasn't blushing too obviously from my unintended double-entendre.

She said she loved Thai food and I booked us a table as soon as we got back to my house, whilst Magdalene went upstairs to unpack. I couldn't help but watch as she seductively climbed the stairs, and I knew that tonight I'd be having sex with my idol, the woman I'd fantasized about for years, though as it transpired, not in the way I expected it to. Once I told her the table was booked, she shouted down from her room, asking if it was a place where we should dress up. "Absolutely!" I replied, and figured I should make an effort myself, heading for my bedroom which contained a bathroom. It felt strangely sensual knowing Magdalene was in the next room, getting near naked and slipping into something sexy.

I could even hear the spray of her perfume through the wall between us, and I felt a tingle of anticipation run up my spine. By sheer coincidence, we both came out of our rooms together and Magdalene beamed at me as she realised we were similarly dressed in black. "Great minds think alike!" I said, though the subtle differences spoke volumes. Her black velvet dress was tight fitting, low-cut, showing her ample cleavage and also showed a generous amount of leg, clad in black seamed stockings. I'd always loved her figure. By contrast, my dress was knee-length, with just a hint of cleavage on display, but I got the impression that she liked my chaste look, as I spotted a twinkle in her eye and a hint of that devilish smile that I found so intoxicating in her films.

We made our way to Sareneya, the Thai restaurant, telling Magdalene in the car how my friends had raved about the food there. She told me about the great places to eat in L.A. and I found myself wanting to emigrate like she had. We were given a private booth when we arrived, it felt so intimate just the two of us, and it would have felt awkward had the chemistry between us not been so good already. It didn't take us long to order, and we were soon sipping large glasses of red wine and giggling at her anecdotes about her career. I told her how brave she was in confronting the incest taboo head-on in Seduced by Mommy 4, one of my favourite Magdalene films.

The wine had clearly gone to her head as she leant forward and half-whispered "So how brave are you Dani?". I blushed and could only reply "Compared to you...not very!". She looked around as if to check no one could see or hear us and said "Think they'll be a while with our food?". I knew she was up to something but couldn't tell what. "I'd say at least fifteen minutes or so...why?" I replied, intrigued and excited. "Slip off your panties ...if you're wearing any...I fancy a starter...." she whispered, that wonderful naughty grin at its most devilish. I certainly was wearing panties, not expecting sexual antics during our meal! But I tried not to appear too inexperienced and with a smile of my own, I let my hands slip under the table and pulled down my black lace panties and put them in my handbag, my heart now pounding in my chest.

I gave her a nod to let her know I was now au naturel, and without a word she slipped under the table, then the next thing I knew her hands were on my knees, pushing my legs apart. The excitement was so intense that I had to grip the corners of the table with both hands, and gripped even tighter as I felt her mouth kissing the inners of my thighs. The sensual pleasure was heightened by the obvious risk we were taking, and I had to stifle my moans of delight as her face pushed further between my legs, making me spread wider. She was loving teasing me, tracing a line up each thigh with her experienced tongue, and I felt scared I would scream the place down, the intensity was getting unbearable. She knew full well that it was driving me wild, my hands were now shaking, her mouth now at the very tops of my thighs.

I spread just that little bit more, and she finally relieved the tension with a long, slow lick of my pussy lips, naturally already very moist. I couldn't resist but to look down at the amazing sight of Magdalene, so long just a fantasy figure in my mind, now with her head buried between my thighs, eating me out with expertise. My clit throbbed and was quickly attended to with rapid flicks of her tongue against it, her face soon glazed with my juices, and I'd never seen or felt anything more glorious in my life. She then greedily sucked on my clit like a baby with a pacifier and this proved too much to take, my hands clenching the table as tightly as I clenched my teeth, my pussy twinging hard and an orgasm engulfing me, my pussy nectar gushing over Magdalene's face and she drank me down as if I were a fine wine...

My climax slowly abated and she brought her head back from between my legs, then as calm as anything, got back in her seat and dabbed her mouth with a napkin. She grinned at my flustered state and said simply "You're a great first course...", making me blush once again. Only two minutes later our food arrived, and we realised how close we were to being caught. Magdalene grinned knowingly from ear to ear and I had to suppress a smirk as my meal was placed before me. She started chatting away as if nothing had happened, as my heart slowly returned to a regular pace in my chest.

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