The Little Clockwork Mermaid


Pip Ballantine

Published on Smashwords by Pip Ballantine

Copyright Imagine That! Studios 2013

I thrust the harpoon hard through the tentacle of the kraken. Ink and blood clouded the water around me, but I narrowed my eyes and pressed deeper.

Folk from the Above I had heard have this idea that the sea is peaceful; full of gently swaying kelp and fluttering shoals of fish. If any of them could see what really happens in Mother Ocean they would be most surprised.

Our dramas might look prettier to human eyes, but they are truly vicious.

The bright orange loop of muscle flipped around my waist and tightened immediately. With another jab of my weapon I convinced it to loosen a fraction, so that when I flicked my tail I was able to squirm free.

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