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Chapter 1 - St Malachy

Chapter 2 - The Discovery of the Papal Prophecies

Chapter 3 - The Papal Prophecies in Full

Chapter 4 - The Papal Prophecies under Scrutiny



For at least five centuries scholars have puzzled over a document known as The Papal Prophecies that were ascribed to St Malachy, an Irish cleric who died in 1148. The Prophecies clearly state that both Rome and the Papacy will be destroyed at some date in the early 21st century. Given that this date is now upon us, it is worth taking a closer look at the Papal Prophecies to decide what it is that they mean, what they can tell us and what - if anything - can be done about them.

The document that contains the Papal Prophecies is by turns accurate, mystical and obscure. Some experts have debated the precise meaning of the Latin in which it is written. There are sections where the Papal Prophecies do not accord with official papal history, though that does not necessarily mean that it is the Prophecies that are mistaken. There is room for doubt about some of the more obscure passages in the Prophecies.

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