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Table of Contents


Chapter 1 – Raphael’s Unexpected Delivery

Chapter 2 – Caroline’s Realization

Chapter 3 – Raphael’s Offer

Chapter 4 – Caroline’s New Sense and Sensibility

Chapter 5 – Raphael’s Proposal

Fanged to English Translations

About the Author


For a dark angel who spread his wings and flew to Cat Heaven

Lucky Ninja (September 8, 2012 – January 21, 2013)


Thanks to all of the new readers who read and perhaps reviewed Conquest (My Vampire Lover Part #1). I was amazed at the interest the freebie generated. As well, thank you for sharing your impressions about the first story with me. Writing in the romance genre has been a fun, new experience for me. I’ve already learned a lot! Special thanks to Alexandra Anthony, Stephanie, Catherine Wolffe, Kellie, Mayrose, Charidy, Amanda, Cathy V., Lisa W. Thanks to my beta readers and my street team for their feedback and support.

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