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A Medical Examination

By Zvi Zaks

Copyright 2010 by Zvi Zaks

Smashwords Edition

ISBN: 9781301134007

Doctor Donald Farber opened the door to his examining room, a small area with medical diagrams and diplomas on white walls, a faint smell of disinfectant, and--he had to admit--no personality. Inside, a woman in a short, bright floral dress sat fidgeting next to the computerdesk. Farber looked at his watch and, for the fifth time that afternoon, checked the date, July 18, 2023. One day before July 19th. He walked to the desk and sat down, trying to appear bright and cheery for the patient. It had been a long day. Would she mind if he excused himself for a cup of coffee? She probably would.

"Hello. I'm Doctor Farber," he said and, without looking at her, opened her file and squinted at the monitor. "And you are Angela Lovejoy."

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