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Books by Michelle A. Valentine

Demon at My Door

Rock the Heart

Rock the Band

Chapter One

Someone in this room is about to die. The hum, deep in my bones, is undeniable. Shockwaves roll through me whenever I’m near a person who is about to bite the big one. I feel it now and I hope like hell it’s not me. But it’s definitely going to happen right here in the Grove City Country Club.


I scoot back further in my seat and slouch down, trying to block out the incessant buzz in my skull. I hate when shit goes down where I work. This has been the best job for me while I attend college classes. The flexibility cannot be beat. Not many places would hold your spot every summer.

It’s bad enough I got arrested at my last job for possession of a deadly weapon. Thank God I was underage at the time and that whole ordeal was expunged from my permanent record. I don’t need a repeat of that here. I mean, it wasn’t like I was going to hurt anybody or anything last time.

Well, I guess that’s not exactly true. I had every intention of shooting the boy demon with the silver bullet I had loaded in the chamber of the revolver I scored from a local gun dealer, but he’s pretty damn quick.

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