Citizen Power and the Internet

Hercules Bantas

A Reluctant Geek Academic Guide

Published by The Reluctant Geek

Melbourne, Australia

Copyright Hercules Bantas 2010

Citizen Power and the Internet

Power as a Capacity - Steven Lukes

Power as a Right - Barry Hindess

CMC and Negative Predictions for Citizen Power

CMC Forums and Technological Determinism

Castells and Citizen Power


Author's Notes

The rapid adoption of communication technologies, like the Internet, in democratic public spheres has raised the question of whether these new technologies have had a positive or a negative effect upon democratic citizenship. This guide uses Steven Lukes' three-dimensional analysis of power to examine arguments of technological determinism that cast a negative light on the technology, and Castells' positive analysis of mass self-communication. Look out for other Reluctant Geek guides including J├╝rgen Habermas and Deliberative Democracy, John Rawls and Deliberative Democracy, John Dryzek and Deliberative Democracy, Deliberative Democracy Basics, Deliberative Democracy Essentials, Ricoeur's Hermeneutic Arc and the Internet, and The Propaganda Model and the Internet.

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