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Gerald K Johnson


Gerald Johnson

Copyright 2009 by Gerald Johnson

Smashwords Edition


I believe it was Abraham Lincoln that said, “God must love the common man, because He made so many of them.” If that is true, God seems to be in the minority, because not too many other folks are all that excited about the “common man”. How many books have you read, that were written by a common man? How often do you buy a ticket to go hear a common man speak? We want to read and listen to those with uncommon ability and talent. We are interested in what the powerful, rich and successful people have to say. Does that mean the common man has nothing to offer? Are his thoughts and opinions without value? I think not. There are many people who say they speak for the common man. The problem with that is, if anyone is listening to them; they are probably not a common man. They have some drive, or position or enough wealth to get access to mass media. How often have you heard some politician say “The American people demand, or think, or want….” and you say to yourself I am an American and that is not what I demand, think or want. The American form of government allows us to pick people to represent what the majority of us want and to protect the rights of the minority. However our choice is limited to those who, in one way or another, have been able to distinguish themselves from the common man. They may have come from humble beginnings, but in some way they have risen to a position that puts them above the common man. In my opinion the problem that has developed over the years is those who are picked become isolated from the people who picked them. They may have good intentions, but they begin to believe, because of their position or inside information, they know what is best for the people whether the people want it or not.

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