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My Boss's Milk Slave (Lactation and Human Cow Erotica)

by Wynne Burroughs

Smashwords Edition

Story © Wynne Burroughs

Cover © Can Stock Photo Inc. / adamr


My Boss's Milk Slave (Lactation and Human Cow Erotica)

About the Author

My Boss's Milk Slave (Lactation and Human Cow Erotica)

New hire Rachel Milano has been hired by Mr. Graham's gourmet lounge. She is to join a secret herd that provides the restaurant with it's signature ingredient: human milk. Her breasts are soon filled with the life giving fluid and wondering if this job might just might be more fun than she expected.

This story is for adults only and includes erotic lactation, nipple play, breast worship, heterosexual sex and bondage themes.

* * *

“Come with me,” said Mr. Graham.

He rose to his feet and stepped around his desk. His eyes smoldered with dark intensity.

“It strikes me that you wouldn't make much of a barista, but I have a gourmet lounge as well, and I always need a steady stock of women in my employ.”

I knew something like this had to be coming. The employment contract he slid in front of me offered eighty thousand dollars a year—that was far too much to work in a simple coffee shop. I have to admit, the contract was mostly legal jargon beyond any normal person's comprehension—though the words “lactation” and “milking” jumped out at me a few times on the page.

He was a young guy—somewhere in his early thirties. His hair was cropped and combed. He wore a light blue button down shirt.

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