Easy Way To Have Swag: Get Out Of Frustration And Have Some Confidence

By Jeff Barkin

SmashWords Edition

~ ~ ~ ~

Chapter One


Robert Martin is frustrated with his life. Five years ago, he graduated from college with a degree in music production. He was unable to find a job in his field of expertise. And after many disappointing interviews, he reluctantly accepted a position as an assistant computer technician, earning a yearly salary of only $25,000. Since his student loans were overdue, he had no other choice.

Although Robert is not unattractive, he lacks appeal. His 'Clark Kent' haircut and his outmoded choice of outerwear, makes him appear older than his 27 years. His apprehensive demeanor prevents him from communicating with self-confidence. He shies away from eye contact when approached by anyone with authority.

Robert feels stymied and irritated with himself for lacking self-confidence. He wants to have swag, enough of it to obtain a career as a successful producer in the music industry. With success he could afford a home on his own, and start dating again without feeling embarrassed about living with his parents. Without swag, he fears becoming a decrepit old man like his uncle, who lives alone with fifty cats in a house that's hoarded with junk.

Robert finally stopped wishing for swag to come along with each blown out candle from his passed birthdays. That wasn't going to cut it any longer. Procrastination became a dirty word for him. He wasn't going to sit idly by anymore, hoping for swag to come along and knock down the door of his lack of self-confidence.

He decided to make a list of the three things he had to change in order to have swag. On the top of the list was the desire to gain self-confidence and kill the introvert in him. The next transformation was to update his wardrobe to a more fashionable style, and lastly, to change the same hair style he's worn for the past 12 years. Making the list put things in perspective for Robert.

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