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Many Kamasutras Series

Pleasuring Your Woman
in Kamasutra and Kamasastras

A New Interpretation of Vatsyayana’s Kamasutra and 11 Other Kamasastras

Edited, with Detailed Introduction, by Ravi Soni

with Translation of Core Parts in
Kamasutra of Vatsyayana
Rati Ratna Pradipika of Devaraja Maha­raja
Rati Rahasaya of Kokkoka
Samaradipika of Minanatha
Anangaranga of Kalyanamalla

What’s New in This Book?
How Woman Comes First in Kamasastras
Postures and Methods Suitable for Woman’s Pleasure
Classification of Women and Men for Woman’s Pleasure
Bodily Pleasures and Cunnilingus
New Sex Acts in the later kamasastras

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Cover Photo

Blows by Woman on Top

According to later kamasastras, blows can be given by the woman when she is astride, above the supine man, in reverse position. There are four types of blows: (1) the woman can give blows with her fists on the man’s chest, (2) the blows can also be given with the palm quite open, (3) she can give blows with her thumb and the middle finger, and (4) blows can be given with the thumb only.

Photo from the author’s private collection.

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Pleasuring Your Woman in Kamasutra and Kamasastras

Ravi Soni

Smashwords Edition

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