To my mother, Rebecca, my sister, Mary (Tata), my niece, Nayara, my nephew, Gabriel, and my beautiful daughter, Melanie. Even though you are three thousand miles away, you are the fuel that gives me power to keep going every day of my life. I miss you all.

To the memory of my father, Pedro Manuel, who would have loved to have seen this book.

And to all of you who decide to apply the principles in The Winner’s Mindset.


Now I know why writing a book is an incredible undertaking! It’s taken me years of experiencing life as well as thorough research—reading hundreds of books, attending seminars and conferences, and listening to audio programs—then months of writing. I could not have completed this undertaking without the help, support, and invaluable contribution of my editor, Peggy Henrikson, who spent many hours improving this book.

I thank my family, even though they’re far away, because they give me the courage to step out and find my way to overcome hurdles in life.

Finally, I am grateful for the most powerful force, God, who gives me the power to believe in myself and keep going, no matter what is in my way.

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