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Tears of Min Brock

Some of the best stories I can remember are those that take me out of my own existence and insert me into a world I have never known. I get to become a part of the story and the adventure and excitement also becomes a part of my own. In Tears of Min Brock by J. E. Lowder, I have again found one of those fascinating epic fantasy worlds that are daunting and dangerous, yet broodingly beautiful as well.

- BlogCritics Books

J.E. Lowder has created an intricate fantasy world full of dispair and darkness as well as hope and luminous beauty.


Lowder pulls you into a world of chaos and hope. You can almost feel the breeze and smell the foliage as you walk with the main characters through this well written story. I give it far more than the usual five stars!

- Opus ‘N’ Pen

Tears of Min Brock is going to become a classic right up there with The Lord of the Rings.

- Vic’s Media Room

Not too many books can truly be described as epic. Narnia, Lord of the Rings, Pullman's Dark Materials... and now Tears of Min Brock. This is one book that clearly deserves the 'epic' description.

- Book Lovers Paradise

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