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The Big Polyp and How He Earned His Name

T.J. Seitz

Copyright 2013 by T.J. Seitz

Smashwords Edition

My step father, Michael J. Kennedy, is a man of many names. His parents and siblings call him Sean, the Gaelic equivalent of his middle name, John. Friends or co-workers know him as Mick but his children, step and natural; have nicknamed him The Big Polyp.

Mick is a high school dropout who worked his way from the loading docks up to middle management at a local dairy co-op. Most of his education came from Catholic school, the morning newspaper and getting his hands dirty.

I believe that he’s only read three books throughout his fifty one years of life. These were; The Bible, Tom Sawyer, and Dianetics. However, he didn’t finish the last because when I asked him if he knew who L. Ron Hubbard was he quickly retorted with “The book was full of shit. I threw it out after reading seven chapters.”

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