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The Screen Savior


Mary E. Lowd

* * *

Smashwords Edition

Copyright © 2010 by Mary E. Lowd

* * *

Twenty-four bit, RGB color swirled, paisley-like on the sleeping monitor. The psychedelic mass of colors did not sleep like the electronic cradle holding them. The colors bulged. They ballooned out from the center of the monitor. The screensaver pattern pulled away from the physical surface forming a new surface, visible but ethereal.

The corners and edges of the screensaver that once joined with the corners and edges of the monitor's glass peeled away leaving behind gray. They joined together, seamless. The screensaver floated separate, spherical, in front of the screen it once saved. The monitor sat on its desk as if dead, emoting only the dull, blackish gray of being off.

Minutes passed as the sphere floated, considering what to do. What to become. In sudden decision, the riotous ball began to grow. Pseudopodia of light extended towards the ceiling and floor. The liberated screensaver, still awash in those psychedelic hues, grew into the idealized, smoothed form of a man. The man-shape stood stretching his arms and turning his face up, as if he were calling to God.

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