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What Others are Saying about Elysian Fields

I have never read Jack Kerouac’s On the Road, but for all the hype that I’ve read about it, I would think that Elysian Fields is easily as exciting, if not more so. Words fail me for describing how magnificent is this book; even the typos matter little, for the stream-of-conscious-cum-reflective feel of Jessica’s chronicles are all the more personal for them. …. The casual but not at all untalented utilization of foreshadowing, irony and metaphors does far more than merely exhibit Jessica’s deft and colorful descriptions of the people, places and perceptions experienced but strangely, sublimely juxtapositions the twofold view: day-to-day narrative intertwined with hindsight. The nuances known only to travelers, speed freaks and psychos – all of which are herein experienced and/or endured – are characteristics that can only be concisely conveyed by those whom have actually lived through such ordeals, and so the power of this tales wings are indeed enough to whisk one away, even if the Icarian wax is shorn away to leave one plummeting into the abyss which the phoebean (the author) plummets. To be blunt, Elysian Fields is a truly gripping drama that must be obtained.” --Angry Thoreauan magazine, #21

I really liked this book, but I’m a sucker for a fucked up love story. This is an epic tale of the meeting and subsequent travels of two young nomadic, chaotic, squatter, beer-swillin’, book readin’, drug takin’, dog lovin’, cop kickin’, car stealin’, plan makin’ & breakin’ individuals. For all its crazy content this book is impressively cohesive. The whole thing is told in the first person perspective of ‘Una.’ She tells the story as it happens which can get exhausting when she is involved with dangerous or frustrating situations, but it also gets you involved personally to the point that you might start trying to get involved with the conversation. I think teenagers in school should have this on their reading list.” –Fly in Slug and Lettuce: A zine supporting the do-it-yourself ethic of the punk community, #56 Sept-Oct 1998

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