Liquid Love
Liquid Love: Book One
By Tia Marie

This is a work of fiction. All characters, places, names and situations are purely fictional. Any resemblance to any real persons, events, or locations is not intended.

This work is © Copyright 2012, Tia Marie. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be reproduced or distributed without written consent from the author.

Smashwords Edition


I picked him up at the airport, giving him a quick hug and a brief kiss, I was being shy today. We walked over to the baggage claim and picked up his luggage. I began to lead him to my parked car, which required us to take the elevator. Upon entering, I admired my reflection within the stainless steel doors. Short black skirt, red tank top and most importantly, every girls dream fashion accessory, my black porn star heels. Damn I looked hot.

I could feel him assessing my every mood and emotion. The hair at the back of my neck prickled, invoking a slight chill, as if someone had walked over my grave. His image was a mere silhouette behind me, but I knew one thing, he was drop dead gorgeous and hard to ignore.

I battled with the web of emotions unwinding inside me. I couldn't help but be turned on, but at the same time, I had to wonder what the hell I had gotten myself into. I’ve never met him in person before, nope, not once. I was a delighted prisoner within the confines of our elevator, a moment both excruciating and sinfully delightful. We had already done many things that pushed us past the point of friendship. Aside from the brief hug and kiss upon his arrival, he had never touched my body, not once.

I met Logan online, and yes, that is his name. It goes with his hotter than hell image of perfection. After many late nights and countless long hours, I had gotten to know him, and go figure, like him even.

It all started with me being unfulfilled in my previous attempts at dating and past failed relationships. Not to mention the fact that being cheated on really threw me and dashed my self-esteem for a while. When I started dating again, I constantly found myself looking for something more. Especially a man that would could keep it in his pants and be faithful. I wanted to find a better connection, a better anything really. I wasn’t too picky and I seemed to have found that in Logan. He was utterly ruthless, arrogant, and at times a typical chauvinist. He also left me unsatisfied, frustrated and half-crying from the sexual stimulation he was providing as well as the sexual release he was not. At least he kept it real and was true to himself. He never seemed fake. If anything, he seemed dedicated and honest.

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