I would like to thank Damara Blackthorne, fellow author and friend who has rekindled my desire to share my stories and has provided valuable feedback I am sure make my stories better. Again, thank you Darama for your insight and support.

My Neighborhood-12- Taking a Little Time Off.

The quiet days of summer had arrived. Brittney was off to be with her family for the summer and I was back to living alone. I did have occasional visitors. The girls had to come to get their purchases from the toy party and each one was very thankful for the opportunity I provided for them to try things they may never have had the chance to experience without my kindness. Each paid me back in their own way and I appreciated each one but when they left I had little expectation that I would see them again until fall at the earliest, if at all. Monica came by on occasion to play with her toys and me if I was home but again it was not the same without Brittney.

I decided that what I needed was a vacation. I had not taken a real vacation for myself in a long time. One that was just for me to release stress and relax. I began to review my options online and a plan began to form. I decided that I would try to take one of my new friends with me so I didn’t have to be alone for the duration of my time away. The decision was whom should I take. My first thought was Molly. Given the recent fun I had had with her I thought she would be a lot of fun to take but then I remembered that she had plans already made for when I wanted to go. I went through my list of wonderful girls I had met over the recent months and Toni finally came to my mind.

Toni was a student at the local community college. She was tall and thin with long brown hair. She had a nice proportion to her body and has always been fun and open when we have had the chance to party together. She was smart and cute, two things that really turn me on, and a joy to be with. I thought that, if she was free, that she would be a great companion for a nice Caribbean vacation.

I called her and she was free all summer. She got all excited about being able to go on a real vacation during her summer break. She had been out tanning and now she would be able to show it off. I gave her the dates and told her I would take her out shopping sometime before we left to make sure she had everything she needed for the trip, especially the things I wanted her to wear.

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