A Guided Workbook


Victoria, B.C., Canada



This book guides you the reader/writer through some of the pitfalls of pretentious and redundant English and shows how to eliminate unnecessary words from regular writing. The exercises are organized into similar sections, and the suggested revisions are placed at the end.

When you have worked through this book, you should be able to easily recognize and treat wordiness when you see it. You will quickly find that your written English will be more concise and easier to read. Further, you will be able to edit the wordiness of others should the need arise.

This workbook is an expanded version of one I developed when teaching engineering students first-year college English. However, the content is only partly technical and you do not have to understand any technicalities to recognize the language revisions that should be made. Neither do you have to be an expert in grammar because the examples are intended to be self-explanatory.

The intended audience is manifold: college or university undergraduates, secondary school students, English-as-a-Second-Language students, and anyone needing a practical brush-up in writing skills.

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