Chapter 5: Conscious Co-Creation: Step 5

Chapter 6: Pitfall #1 to Conscious Co-Creation

Chapter 7: Pitfall #2 to Conscious Co-Creation

Chapter 8: Pitfall #3 to Conscious Co-Creation

Chapter 9: Pitfall #4 to Conscious Co-Creation

Chapter 10: Conscious Co-Creation: Step 6

Chapter 11: Conscious Co-Creation: Step 7

Conclusion: Facing the Shadow

About the Author

Appendix I-.Book Preview: Introduction to It's All G.O.D

Appendix II- Reproduction Rights (how to distribute this book)

Appendix III- Recommended Resources

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First and foremost, this book is dedicated to my best friend Sharonda Caldwell, who always knew I had a book in me even before I did. Although it's not the longer work that I'll eventually write, like they say in Jamaica, "soon come." I also dedicate this book to the memories of Jamilah Maat Nation (aka Donita Jones) and Mwalimu Changa (MC) Umoja. They were two friends, two Aquarius's, two healers that have made a difference in the lives of many, including my own, and also two people whose persons served as the greatest testimony and mirror of what can happen to all healers when we don't face our deepest shadow in order to heal ourselves first.

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