Submit to Him: Knox’s Sex Dungeon

Book #4 of the Punish Me Series

By Lara Simon

Smashwords Edition

Copyright © 2013 Lara Simon

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Much to her surprise, Catherine Adele Harper, or Cat, as most people called her, woke up in tears. In fact, it was her loud sobbing that roused her from her slumber. She was having a bad dream, something about running, running as fast as she could down a dark road towards a man that she loved and desperately had to be with, but who she could never seem to reach. Every time she got close to him, some force whisked him away again so he was always just out of her reach.

All she wanted was to see his face, which was darkened in the shadows, to hold his hand, just out of arm’s length, and with everything inside of her, she wanted, she needed, to kiss him. The dream wasn’t real but the pain she felt was: her lungs burned from the lack of oxygen, her breathing was uneven, her body ached from her sore muscles, her jaw hurt from clenching as she strained trying in vain to reach her love. And most of all her heart was broken. Cat thought before that she’d already experienced a broken heart: little relationships that had ended in high school or college, boys that had toyed with her emotions carelessly-- but at that moment-- wrapped up in the emotional torture of the dream-- she realized that she’d never truly known what love was. The agony was visceral, reaching every point within Cat’s tiny frame and crippling her with sadness, and when her eyes finally opened Cat saw that her pillow was soaked from her own salty tears.

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