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Copyright © 2015 K.B. STEVENS
Third Smashwords Edition


This book is dedicated to Lionel Jackson, my godfather; an amazing man who always kept things in perspective, was an eternal optimist, lived every day to the fullest, and had an easy smile and a joyful laugh.

Oh yeah; he also sold embalming chemicals to funeral homes, and showed me my first dead person. Mr. Jackson was the greatest man I've had the pleasure of knowing but in the words of his favorite Ray Charles song he had to, “Hit the road Jack...don't you come back no more.”

Introduction And Disclaimer

I just finished writing the book you now hold in your hands, and I am Extremely Excited for you to read it. Why? Because more important than revealing the truth about death, I believe this book reveals the truth about life, and gives you several useful strategies to live a happier one!

I believe all books about religion or philosophy including the Bible, Torah, Quran, etc., should be required to include the following disclaimer: This is what I believe to be true; others may have differing points of view. A simple disclaimer of tolerance for dissenting view points could foster world peace...or serve as an introduction to what you are about to read; let's begin.


What's In It For Me?

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