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You are about to read compelling documentation of the relationship between the early chapters of the Book of Genesis and the freedoms that American citizens have enjoyed since winning the Revolutionary War.

Most people do not realize that many freedoms secured by the Founding Fathers of the United States already have been taken from its citizens as a result of a deliberate assault on the Biblical foundations of those freedoms.

And more are being lost every year.

What will be the next freedom to succumb to the relentless attack of those out to destroy ALL Biblical foundations?

And will it just be one more freedom that will be erased – or all of the freedoms people still enjoy in the Land of the Free?

The brutal truth is that an attack on Biblical Creation and the foundations of Christianity is an attack on the very freedoms that freedom-seekers around the world have flocked to the United States for over two centuries to enjoy.


The Theft of America’s Heritage

Biblical foundations under siege: a nation’s freedoms vanishing

Russ Miller with Jim Dobkins

Published by UCS PRESS

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