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Susan Mac Nicol

Copyright 2013 Susan Elaine Mac Nicol
Smashwords Edition


Cassie, spellbound, waited in anticipation for Bennett’s first appearance. The stage was becoming increasingly foggy, and she wondered what the stage crew was using to make it so atmospheric, especially when the scenes took place in the dark London streets.

“What did they use for the fog?” Cassie whispered to the playwright. “Is it dry ice or something?”

Shelly looked at her in amusement. “Cassie, There’s no fog out there.”

Cassie blinked. “I can see it on stage. It looks almost like smoke. Starlit smoke.”

Shelly chuckled. “Ask Gabby or Ian if they can see it.”

Cassie frowned but did.

Gabby looked at her in puzzlement. “I can’t see any fog or smoke, Cassie.” She grinned wickedly. “Perhaps you need to bring your reading glasses with you.”

Cassie felt a slight shiver wriggle down her spine. “If it’s not fog, what is it?”

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