Wrecked Hopes

It’s Not Always About Violence

Some People Act Out Of Fear

Bullying Affects Everybody

What Is Bullying?

Who Will Be The Victims Of Bullying?

Who Are The Bullies?

What Are The Reasons For Bullying?

How Can You Combat Bullying?

Bullying Affects Everybody


This article is about bullying at school. Three reasons:

  1. The author has his own very personal experience with this topic, because he has survived successfully many years as a victim of bullying when he was a student.

  2. The author has encountered while online research on the topic of bullying that bullying is a big social issue, but almost all writers dealing with the subject of bullying at work.

  3. The author believes that already in the school very early work must start to tackle bullying, for as you learn the knowledge in the school that you need later at work, so you learn there the behaviors you apply later not only in the profession, but generally in your life.

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