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The YIC, or Yomghua Intelligence Corporation, forwarded Intel regarding a team of Yvlekesh scientists.

The report stated the science team infiltrated a lab on asteroid X-7, a large rock in the Relshin system. This is still considered unsanctioned territory, but the Lemylations claim legal rights in the area. Naturally they were the first to lend the Yvlekesh support. Unfortunately, they’ve been pinned down by automated defenses.

It is unclear, but we believe the lab in question to be an old Reptilian lab, not a Lemylation lab, so there should be no reprisal for either Human assistance, or the Yvlekesh presence.

All securities in place are automated. The Phoenix crew is commissioned for the extraction of both parties, however, the Phoenix itself, piloted by Day is out on another run with O’Hara, Swain, Korit, and Flem.

While Ambassador Lay establishes communications with Lemylatia’s Yerg, Creft, you, Commander Fitzpatrick , will take Mister Hawkins and the Jersey Gold to the following coordinates; 98327492-OI8.

“That’s all they gave us?” Hawkins asked.

He and the Commander sat the Jersey Gold’s cockpit, staring through the orange, Eoronium, plating. The orders were simple enough.

“What more do you need?” she fired back.

He shrugged in an overly dramatic fashion.

“Just pull up close to the lab over there,” Fitzpatrick ordered.

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