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The Tentacle Monster Romance Bundle

By Aster Zhen

Smashwords Edition

Copyright 2013 by Aster Zhen

Table of Contents

1. Breeding Her by the Beach

2. Sacrificed to the Kraken

3. Slave to the Tentacle Alien

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1. Breeding Her by the Beach: A tentacle monster meets a girl on a beach, and is determined to win her heart. But when she betrays its trust, how will the monster respond?

2. Sacrificed to the Kraken: The Kraken commands the seas, the depths and the might of the ocean. Katia’s never been devout, but when she’s offered up as a sacrifice, she is forced to atone. Will the Kraken deem her a worthy mate, or will Katia succumb to its insatiable appetite?

3. Slave to the Tentacle Alien: In the future, humans cede control of Earth to the alien rrelks. They’re bigger, stronger, smarter and covered with tentacles. Now humans are treated as little more than animals. Can a human pet ever hope to find love with her rrelk Master, or is the gap between the species too great?

This erotic bundle is 12000 words long (48 pages). It contains tentacle monster sex, dubious consent, impregnation, and multiple penetration.

1. Breeding Her by the Beach

She dangled her feet in the ocean, toenails painted red, the polish slightly chipped. Sunlight dappled the water from above, highlighting the lovely contours of her ankles.

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