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Chills: A Monster In My Basement

Yeah, it's the third time I beat you" exclaimed William to his sister Cloe as they were playing Mario Kart on the basement couch. "Ya well I'll beat you next time" Cloe answered. As they continued playing they heard the door slam shut. "What was that?" asked William looking scared. "Probably just the wind."

William was still scared and asked Cloe if they could go check. "Fine, but I'm telling you it's just the wind." They stopped playing Mario Kart and walked towards the door. They opened the door and... "Ahhh it's a monster!!!" they screamed. "Quick let's hide behind the couch" said William sounding really frightened. They quietly went behind the couch without the monster noticing them.

"Ok what should we do?" said Cloe. "I don't know but look he's going upstairs, we should follow him." Once they were upstairs they realized the monster was going to the kitchen. "Oh no mom's in the kitchen" said William.

"Let's just keep on following him" said Cloe. They followed the monster into the kitchen. "Mom look behind you!" said William. The monster scratched mom. "Ouch, who did that" said mom. "None of us it was the monster" answered William. "Kids, monsters don't exist and even if they did how come I can't see it." "I don't know but he does exist and we're going to proove it" said Cloe.

The monster left the kitchen and went back downstairs. "Let's follow him again" said William. As they were going back downstairs Cloe said "how come we can see the monster but mom can't." "Hmm... Hey, maybe only kids can see him" said William. "Ya your probably right" Cloe answered.

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