Guilt- loyalty, fairness, being a good sport, accepting consequences

The Mukies' Change of Heart - open communication, positive attitudes

A Mukie of a Different Color - tolerance, integrity, bravery, resourcefulness

The Honey Tree - accepting consequences, boldness, daring, peace-keeping

About the Author

Introduction – Character Building Through Choices and Challenges

These powerful lesson plans make it easy to meet the character education requirement. They not only offer insight into character building but also enhance reading and listening skills. This is an empowering combination in the classroom and at home. Helping kids make decisions about every day living through the eyes and actions of these prehistoric compassionate and caring Mukies make the lessons more meaningful.

Kids today have lots of decisions to make-this ebook helps them sort out their thoughts, feelings, and concerns and brings them closer to making good decisions. Through character building skills and problem-solving techniques they learn how to analyze problems and come to conclusions.

The themes include respect for others, cooperation, understanding, peaceful co-existence, and many others that kids need to address in our present society. This Building Character Through Choices and Challenges ebook provides you with character building activities at a moment's notice. If you ever need a lesson in a hurry, you'll love the activities and review questions at the end of every chapter.

Each short chapter poses character situations to spark discussion and help kids explore what they stand for and believe in. The aloud reading of the stories and the interaction of reader and listener are as important as the messages presented.

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