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The Haunted House Social Story™ is part of an Autism Awareness series titled “Mummy, why does Harry do that?” Explaining autism to family members and friends. Laura recommends printing the story out or keeping it handy on an iPad or iPhone to show to people in your life who don't understand autism well. The series will be published on Smashwords. If you wish to be notified when each part of the series is available, follow Laura's updates on Facebook or Twitter.

Living with autism in this world is like always living in a Haunted House.

Some things, like noises, are scary to a brain with autism because it thinks the noises are dangerous. Imagine if you were in a haunted house and all of a sudden somebody jumped out and scared you. What would happen? You would scream, you would jump, your heart would race. This is because your body was on alert. It is always on alert in scary places like haunted houses.

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