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Praise for Bruce and His Option Method

“I know I will keep using this method probably for a long time to come, if not forever! I am indebted to Bruce. It’s sheer GENIUS!” —Jan Frijters, The Netherlands

“I have been doing dialogues with myself and have had some quite startling realizations. It is clearly a very powerful tool!” —Randy Austill

“Reading Bruce’s book was one of the most profound experiences of my life. I got through 30 pages the first night, had intense and ‘insightful’ dreams and awoke to a transformed world.” —Sue Kranz, Canada

“The Option idea is a very powerful one and it has had a strong impact on my life.” —John McIlroy

“Bruce’s words are inspiring and I will keep them close to remind me of the source of my happiness and my choice to claim my right to perfect peace and joy!” —Geraldine Berbaum

“I was so amazed to learn about this method and how easy it can be to become happy.” —Lutz Stradmann, Germany

“Bruce and Deborah have given the world a GREAT gift.” —Bob Marino

“Bruce, our dear, dear friend . . . Through the years, your ‘gifts’ have been plentiful, yet incalculable — since through them, we have had the opportunity to re-weave the very fabric of our lives — in every way. There will never be a way we could demonstrate or give enough to fully express the extent of our appreciation and gratitude for your existence . . . but we do experience it for ourselves every day of our lives! All Light & Love.” —Bears & Samahria

The Option Method

Unlock Your Happiness
with Five Simple Questions

Bruce M. Di Marsico

Embrace your specialness. You have within you the seeds for a beautiful garden. Spread them fearlessly.

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