***Tonight only!*** Vanessa Michaels!

By Mike Sutton Published by Mike Sutton at Smashwords Copyright 2013 Mike Sutton *********** Other stories by the Author: https://www.smashwords.com/profile/view/krassos

***Tonight only!*** Vanessa Michaels!

She checked her hair and makeup in the little pocket mirror for perhaps the umpteenth time as she waited in the manager's tiny office. In a few minutes he would announce her to what sounded like a good crowd, and then she would go out and work her special brand of magic. Everything was in place, and she was looking fantastic.

It was an easy enough thing, telling a large group of random fans what they wanted to hear. They hung on her every word with oohs and ahs that she wove into music like a master conductor. For the next hour she would be the center of their universe. Their sun. And for some, a revered goddess. Still, she felt a little nervous. She always did before a meet and greet with her most dedicated fans.

She could hear her manager warming up the crowd, laying some ground rules - no touching - and so forth. She waited and let him do his job. Working them until they came to a boil and began chanting her name.

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