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By: Jonathan Antony Strickland

Zarkon Eraddimal Grempuss was bitter. He sat alone, brooding in his large elegant house, remembering the past. Zarkon lived in a small village called Jalmonel just outside of the city of Lardenmuk, were he had spent four years earlier after the wizards held a competition to see who would become the wizard of each city or town in the kingdom of Herandall. Of course each of the wizards desired a city, but unfortunately there were a lot more wizards than cities. So a competition was made were each wizard would choose a city of there choice, if two or more wizards put there names down for the same city then they would have to battle for it using magic. The winner would get to become the wizard of that city, were as the looser would have to accept a town or village to practice his magic.

Zarkon had wanted Lardenmuk for his own but would have to battle another three wizards to get it. However he knew all three of the other wizards, and he knew how powerful each one was. There was Tiron the most powerful of the three. The other two Gartmonon and Darafon were less powerful and less of a threat to Zarkon. Zarkon knew however that his power was greatest of the four, and only Tiron presented a minor threat to him.

The three wizards decided the battle would be fought round a large square table. Each wizard would take a seat at one of the sides of the table and using the old mystical art of mind bending, would battle it out until only one remained conscious. This one would be proclaimed the winner, and given the honour of the wizard of Lardenmuk.

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