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The Human Equation

They knew the invasion from Earth was coming sometime soon. The First Minister would kill to get the information as to when and where the humans planned to attack, but Jelwyn, his chief of research, promised that wouldn't be necessary.

"I don't understand," muttered Zelzer, the chief of security, "Give me half a day with the captive and I'll get him to talk." Like his counterparts among a hundred sentient species, including the humans, Zelzer believed direct action was the most effective.

"Minister, I share your impatience, but as I've already explained, the human scout from the wreckage was given a post-hypnotic suggestion before he was captured. His resolve has been stiffened to the point that he will resist to the point of death any attempt to force the information out of him. Such a method is doomed to failure."

The First Minister tugged his forelock with his tentacle, simultaneously drumming the table with his hand. Zelzer started to speak, but the Minister stopped the drumming and waved him to silence. "Let us assume for the moment that Jelwyn is correct. How do we convince him to speak? Can anything break his conditioning? We simply must have that information."

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