First e-published February 2013


Nobody does anything by themselves, and yes, we need to help ourselves by getting people to help us. Without the help of my wife Janet, who was an award-winning direct mail writer and creator of many magazine sweepstake packages, this ebook would have been a jumble of thoughts and misconnected ideas, thrown together and connected by illiterate punctuation, even with using a spellchecker.

She has given me the confidence and the time to put down on paper what I have learned, and the way we live together creating our relationship anew, each day.

We celebrate our marriage each year on Sept. 8th, by repeating the marriage vows we said to each other that day in 1985, with Janet wearing the same fuchsia colored straw hat she wore at our wedding. We cry, we kiss, and pop open a bottle of champagne! Life is good; we work at it.

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