Zombie Six Pack

© Copyright by Gary L Morton, 2013

ISBN: 9781301587131

Published at smashwords.com by Gary L. Morton

Table of Contents


* Walking Dead Man’s Blog

* Hungry Visions

* Ghoul Bait

* Digger - The Zombie Dog

* Zombie Glacier

* Bonus Tale – Cannibal Run

About This Book: Six offbeat zombie tales picked from my other story collections and one bonus longer tale.


By Gary L Morton

Stars vanished in a violet explosion, causing him to toss and moan. Then a new dream emerged out of sweaty REM sleep. Eddy knew he was dreaming; he often did but could not wake himself up. This one was a lousy dream, one of those gut-wrenching repeating dreams he hated. He struggled to wake, but without success—the effort being another phase of the nightmare.

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