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A Light in the Darkness

A Novel by Rebecca “Reiko” Ohashi

Smashwords Edition, License Notes

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Copyright 2010 Rebecca “Reiko” Ohashi

Chapter 1


The world is a fun thing to watch – like one big reality TV show. One family’s got problems, and another is in the lap of luxury. Yet, just like the television, there are only certain channels you want to watch. Celebrity lives are like one big paparazzi movie – all gossip made up to please people, and you better believe that gets boring. There are so many teen dramas – many of them are useless, not because of the people themselves, but because of the lives they choose to live. The good ones are the lives that get out of control, spontaneous, cheating life kind of lives.

But when you live as long as I do, you just want to get back in there and do it all yourself. I was human once before; before the world was stuck on computers and cell phones, when things were so much simpler. They’re losing basic communication and emotions – but when you die, you can’t feel, and those are the things you want back the most. Or so I thought.

It happened one day while I was watching families welcome their parents, siblings, sons, and daughters back home from a war – there were so many happy tears.

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