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Hannah Has Two Mommies

Sofia Bane

Copyright February 2013, Sofia Bane

Smashwords Edition

I hadn’t anticipated the rain storm I would be caught in tonight. Before I left work, the sky had been a bright blue, not so much as a cloud. But by the time my train pulled into the station, the sky was darkened with a downpour. Of course I hadn’t brought my umbrella. So I was faced with a wet, miserable walk home from the station.

To compound matters, I hadn’t used the bathroom before I left work. I hadn’t thought about it, hadn’t needed to go then. But the coffee I’d drunk to get me through the afternoon was finally catching up with me. So as I stepped out into the downpour, I let out a full-body shiver and my bladder sloshed. Goddammit.

My long blonde hair began sticking to my face, obscuring my sight, and my dark blouse and thin khakis were beginning to get damp. I walked with my head down, one hand up to keep the rain out of my eyes, and silently cursed the weather. It was impossible that I’d get home, about a mile from here, anything less than drenched.

My need to pee heightened quickly, making me wish I’d thought to go before I left. Stupid, stupid, stupid, my belly sloshed with each step. The pounding rain, a lukewarm summer rain running down my skin, didn’t help.

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