A Grand Illusion

~B.K. Wright~

A Story of Male Love

Copyright 2010-11-01: B.K. Wright

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Included in: A Grand Illusion

1. Openers

2. Introduction

3. A Grand Illusion



New to New York City and unaccustomed to Western culture, Adam is surprised to find that his roommate is openly gay, and he is even more surprised at how freely and eagerly he flaunts his sexual escapades. With only one small room separating the two roommates, Adam has a season ticket to the very erotic nightly entertainment that his roommate and lover provide. Adam’s roommate introduces him to several eligible bachelors, but Adam has little interest in the men who find him more than a little attractive. Adam’s roommate thinks nothing of Adam’s reluctance to date, owing his hesitation to the hard work required of medical school at Columbia University and also to cultural differences, until he discovers the true reason for Adam’s reluctance.

Book Content:

Opening the door to the place that he would call home for the next four years of his life, Adam looked around. It wasn’t bad. It wasn’t bad at all. He set his two suitcases on the floor at the foot of the bed and tossed his two overstuffed bags on top of the bed. There was a large window on the far side of the room, and from the window Adam had a clear view of an open area of this beautiful campus that was grassy and filled with trees. “Pretty,” he said. Then Adam noticed the door to his right. Not knowing if he should knock, he opened it slowly. “I wasn’t expecting a living room,” he said. The room was small, with two small sofas and a television. The door to the room on the opposite side of the living room was open, and Adam peeked inside. “Must be for my roommate.” Adam went back to his own room and began to put some of his things away. He was happy to see that he had his own bathroom. “Some things are meant to be private,” he mumbled.

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