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On life in Prison: Survivor Chronicles

Mike Sutton

Published by Mike Sutton at Smashwords

Copyright 2010 Mike Sutton

ISBN 9781301779116


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Jason slid the bolt back in place and lay the rifle back down on the table. For the third time in as many days he had cleaned and oiled the weapon. He wondered if it was possible to wear away the parts just by cleaning, without ever actually firing the weapon once. He felt like an obsessive-compulsive hypochondriac as he added another step to his daily pacing.

Get up, break fast, check the doors, clean his guns, check the garden, get some exercise, watch the sun set and go back to bed. Each day seemed to vomit onto the next in a cycle that never seemed to end. How long had it been? A month? Two? Did time have meaning anymore? Or would the clock devolve to the simple Morning, Noon and Night? The years would no longer be marked with days or months, but the turning of the seasons. What day was it?

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