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Don L Clark

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Chapter One

China, April, 1896

A rickshaw pulled up to the dock, and a very lovely and well-dressed Chinese woman climbed out of its leather seat with exquisite ease. She stepped lightly onto the ground as several members of the throng hanging around the docks stopped whatever they were doing to admire her elegance. The woman's dark hair had been parted in the middle and then divided into two taut braided pigtails. One of which now hung down in front of her left shoulder, while the other was obscured by a slender neck, which stood atop unexpectedly broad shoulders. Her hair radiated an enticing sheen that suggested robust health.

But what caught both male and female attention the most was this woman's height. The average vertical span for Chinese women near the end of the 19th Century was merely a little over five-feet, but this woman was pushing six. Her legs seemed to run on forever and again. Her jet black hair contrasted with her brown skin, as did the pure redness of her cheeks and the extreme darkness of her unusually large eyes.

The informed detected that she had Mongol blood somewhere in her genes. Although, of course, back then they had no idea what a gene was. The locale was in one of the world's largest cities of the times: a pier in Shanghai with several sailing ships caught up in the kind of activity that suggested imminent departures.

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