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On The Derech

Why is the truth so difficult to face?
Do Gedolim make mistakes?
Why do we suffer?
Can Hashem really forgive me?

Our minds are filled with questions. Questions that hit home and hit hard. We want clarity and we need answers. Rabbi YY Rubinstein, popular lecturer, columnist and educator is uniquely equipped to provide the wisdom, insight and inspiration that we crave. With his hallmark candor and compassion he points us towards the derech, a pathway to meaningful Jewish living.

"This new book addresses an urgent area for the Jewish people. The topics are both important and timely and will indeed bring answers to thinking Jewish minds."

Rabbi Matisyahu Salamon

Mashgiach Ruchni, Bet Medrash Govoha

"Rabbi Rubinstein has had the foresight to present the Jewish community with a new book, both relevant and crucial for our time. Many of our yourth and adults too have difficulty finding answers to questions that trouble them. Most are intelligent, thinking Jews, seeking meaningful answers to meaningful questions. Rabbi Rubinstein steps into these challenging waters and inspires us with his clarity, wit and wisdom. A must read for the contemporary Jew"

Rabbi Dr Shimon Russell

Psychotherapist and Lecturer

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