Margaret Gouldsbury

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Chapter 1

Two Moons stood on the top of the precipice scanning the valley before him. As an Indian brave he realized all the blood that had been spilled to protect these lands. They were back on this land, on a small reservation given to them after the war from the great white father. This was their land for as far back as anyone could remember, yet the tribe had been subdued, removed and only allowed to return after they signed a treaty. But Two Moons was born twenty years after the trouble, his two best friends were boys from the white settlement. Yet he wondered what it would be like to hunt and fish without any constraints or white rules to follow. Some of the old chiefs hated all whites and blamed them for all their troubles, Two Moons became friends with two white boys years ago when his mother would work at the family ranch a few days a week. Tommy and James Brenson were good people as was the rest of the family. Jon Brenson taught Two Moons to read and write, he taught him the white way of ranching. While the Indian would suggest alternatives his tribe had learned generations ago how to break horses in their own way and methods. He learned a great respect for Brenson and thought of him as a second father.

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