Again the boys’ mind turned to the past, many settlers hated all Indians and anything that presented them. Sure, the Brensons were fair minded decent people but all in all the Indian had very little use for the whites. He was beaten until he was able to fight back; he was falsely accused of stealing, and was ignored by the ladies of the settlement as if he did not exist.

His friends James and Tommy originally were mean to him but their father took the whip to them when they were seven and nine, after a while except for their skin color and hair they were like brothers, The Brensons had one other distinguishing feature their hair was the color of flame or a carrot. Two Moons smiled when he remembered the first time he set eyes on the pair. He was seriously tempted to grab a bucket of water to put their hair out. The young man smiled at the memory.

When Two Moons mother Kequa came to work for the Brensons both the young brave and his mother were welcomed .They felt comfortable with Mrs. Brenson, a small Irish lady with kind eyes and an easy smile, hugged the squaw and brought them right into their living room, Mr. Brenson was large as his wife was small and quiet .On original meeting their attitude was strained, cautious and strange. Two Moons did not trust white people and the Brenson boys thought the Indians were savages and dangerous. Slowly, the young people began to form, a friendship that deepened with time and trust. The Brenson ranch sprawled over a thousand acres, prime grazing land. It had two barns, training corrals, and a bunk house for the twenty or so hands. During the three boys time away from the local school they learned how to rope a steer, ride a horse properly, brand steers, and how to milk cows. It was a good upbringing for the Brenson boys and a learning experience for the Indian. The cow hands quickly got over any uneasiness with the boy and felt comfortable to box all the boys’ ears if they got into mischief or were disrespectful. Two Moons would eat dinner at their home at a regular basis.

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