ISBN 9781301996636

Protectors of Snow Mountain

Prelude to

Snow Mountain

Kivanc Bas

Smashwords Edition

Copyright 2013

Smashwords Edition, License Notes.

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Protectors of Snow Mountain

Chapter 1


Saber and Taber were brothers… now and forever. They believed to be born in the same litter… But they were like night and day. Saber was white… whiter than snow. When he moved you could only see his dark green eyes. He was moving effortlessly, silently and decisively. He was also stronger than Taber. Taber was jet black; he could have been spotted in a day light from miles away. But in the dark of the night… He was invisible. Even Saber was incapable of seeing him. He was faster than Saber. They were two protectors of this realm in the form of a Mountain Lion. Ever watching, ever careful… Nothing would happen without them knowing. They were not the only ones of course; an army of protectors was there to help them. Humans would believe that they were at least fifty of them. But no one knew the exact number.

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