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Hekate’s Passage

A story of sex and rock’n’roll, part 1, vol. 1

Eleyne Kot, Yasmin Lazaro

Cover page by Sergio Hugo Castro

Copyright by Eleyne Kot and Yasmin Lazaro, 2013. All rights reserved.

Smashwords edition.


While the male protagonists in the fantasy may resemble members of a certain very well known heavy metal band, all of the events and actions described happened only in our vivid and dirty imagination. We’d much love it to be otherwise, alas, we don’t have the means to make our lustful fantasies come true. Girls can dream, can’t they? So don’t treat what we wrote here too realistically, it’s our sexual fantasy about the guys who inspire us to a great extent and some things are supposed to be larger than life. After all that’s what a fantasy is about. We strongly suspect that quite a lot of things we describe here are physically or physiologically impossible. The fantasy quality of all the sexual activities described here makes it possible to forget about physical barriers and contraception. Sex in imagination is always safe. However in real life we recommend staying on the safe side. We wish all of you a very nice reading.

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