This novel is our tribute for the inspiring musicians that have been and are rocking the world as well as our imagination filling it with all these lusty images and fantasies. You’re a never ending source of inspiration, we love you, guys.


Yasmin’s Story:

On some not very remote English hill, where a mysterious circle of stones was placed long ago, lies a spot called Hekate’s Passage. People are afraid of it and claim some unexplained weird events have been taking place there. But some say that all these strange phenomena started when the Twist, the heavy metal band we admire in a very particular way, had a car crash when driving one foggy night near this place and this incident additionally left some kind of strange energy messing there for years. Some others deny, claiming the Passage had a reputation for being weird before this incident. Anyway, as I’m a member of The Paranormal Research Center to make a research on the matter, all this gossip made me interested in this place as soon as I heard about it.

I’m really very happy that my girlfriends, Eleyne, Babette and Melisa have accepted gladly the invitation I extended to them. But it’s only me who belongs to the Centro de Investigaciones Paranormales (Paranormal Research Center); the rest have been dragged into my research due to my curiosity and the weird legends told by the hill neighbors, such as gossip about people missing for days, or long-haired guys appearing in 1970s garments, who show they are totally disturbed by being in a time that they said they do not belong to. However, our curiosity goes far beyond the mere investigation of paranormal occurrences; indeed, we want to experiment with some random “rituals” which may work as the trigger of some unexpected experiences.

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