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Outgrowth of the Brain

James Field

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Copyright 2013 James Field

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Outgrowth of the Brain

'What is it Chums?' asked Bert, switching on his bedside lamp.

His two massive Alsatians stood rigid with their eyes fixed on his.

'Have we got prowlers?'

The Alsatians made a movement as good as a nod to Bert.

'We'll soon sort them out good and proper, won't we Chums.'

The black Alsatians snarled, they were ready.

Bert climbed out of bed, stepped into his dungarees, pulled them over his boxer shorts and T-shirt, and buttoned the straps to the bib. The stairs groaned under his weight as he made his way down to the kitchen, Alsatians close on his heels. His companion, Alf, still sat at the kitchen table with his head buried under folded arms, right where he'd been when Bert went to bed last night.

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