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The halls quieted down gradually, the bustling students trudging along into their next class. Doors slammed and clicked shut, the teachers irritated after only three classes worth of students. It was barely lunch time and the grown adults were acting like children, ranting and raving about the student population going to shit. It was easy to feel the heaviness in the stale air as young ones drifted off to sleep, ignoring the constant yell that traveled across the school. The young teacher sat at her desk, waiting for her own group of children to settle down. Her classes were fairly well-behaved, most of them giving her undivided attention.

As she pushed away from the hunk of wood, her chair rolling against the wall, she stood up silently and a hush went over the students. Smiling to herself, she adjusted her pencil shirt that had hiked up slightly from sitting and made her way to the front of the class. Hungry little eyes followed her steps, most coming from the male population of the room. The females paid attention as well, but she was sure it was just from their eagerness to learn. The woman tried not to dwell too long on why the males gave her class so much attention.

Reaching the table at the front of the room, she hoisted herself up and sat, crossing her legs in one smooth movement. With a smile, she addressed her class with her usual hello, which was often returned by most of her student. Today, she kept her legs crossed tightly for her husband decided to do something different that morning. Instead of their usual trip into their private room, he decided to torture her all day. As of right now, there were no vibrations pulsating in her pussy. However, the mere thought that there was a large dildo filling her in the middle of class made her wet to no end.

Clearing her throat, she recaptured her students’ attention that was lost during her moment of silence. “Alright class, what would you all like to discuss today?”

This was a routine for them. She would allow her kids the freedom to choose a topic of their choice and her teachings would revolve around that subject. Being an English teacher, she didn’t want to stifle their creativity with the dullness that is pressed into them by society. A murmur swept the students as they whispered amongst themselves. Once they agreed on something, they often delegated someone to call out their choice. It never took long but today they took their time, wanting to get the most out of the lesson. Even the females were joining in with the males, sounds of approval or denial bouncing off the walls.

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