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Tapping at Twilight


Kassandra Alvarado

Published by Kassandra Alvarado at Smashwords

Copyright 2013

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The English night fell dark and clear over the house on 817 Brookshale Avenue. Modest in appearance, the slight silvering of clapboards and distinctive green painted front door spoke of genteel distinction as befitting a retired bachelor of former scholarly pursuits.

While I reposed before a cheerful fire, my wizened housekeeper, Bertha, puttered around the hallway beyond the inner chamber’s door, trimming the wicks. Eventually casting the rest of the house in darkness, she knocked softly on the open door panel, rousting my attention.

I looked up drowsily, barely stifling a yawn. A book lay across my lap, some explorer’s journal, for the time my attention had been absorbed, I’d been transported amid icebergs and brave men. Once in my youth, I had considered such pursuits the epitome of the human spirit but alas, the pen had proved mightier, my father hadn’t approved of my fascination and I’d taken up a comfortable position as a professor of a town college. Here, in my advanced age leisure became me and I was allowed the time to pore over many a man’s brave deeds, fancying they were my own.

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